Example Definitions of "Equipment"
Equipment. Means Borrower's machinery, equipment, furnishings, fixtures and other goods (as defined in Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code) whether now owned or thereafter acquired by Borrower and wherever located, all replacements and substitutions therefor or accessions thereto and all proceeds thereof, and including, also without limitation, all proceeds of fire or other insurance covering the aforesaid property.
Equipment. The meaning assigned to it in Exhibit A hereto.
Equipment. Means the compression and other equipment described in the Schedules.
Equipment. The meaning set forth in the Rental Agreement.
Equipment. Shall mean one or more items or units of personal property now owned or hereafter acquired by Customer, as described in each Equipment Schedule, wherever the same may be located, including all present and future additions, attachments, accessions and accessories thereto and all replacements, substitutions and a right to use license for any software related to any of the foregoing and proceeds thereof, including all proceeds of insurance thereon.
Equipment. The meaning set forth in Section 5. 2 and Appendix A-2, as the same may be amended from time to time.
Equipment. Means the equipment procured by a Party pursuant to the Equipment Purchase Agreement, attached hereto as Exhibit C
Equipment. Shall mean all "equipment," as such term is defined in Article 9 of the UCC, now or hereafter owned by any Grantor or to which any Grantor has rights and, in any event, shall include all machinery, equipment, furnishings, movable trade fixtures and vehicles now or hereafter owned by any Grantor or to which any Grantor has rights and any and all Proceeds, additions, substitutions and replacements of any of the foregoing, wherever located, together with all attachments, components, parts,... equipment and accessories installed thereon or affixed thereto; but excluding equipment to the extent it is subject to a Lien, in each case permitted by clauses (e) or (h) of Section 10.2 of the Credit Agreement and the terms of the Indebtedness secured by such Lien prohibit assignment of, or granting of a security interest in, such Grantor's rights and interests therein (other than to the extent that any such prohibition would be rendered ineffective pursuant to Sections 9-406, 9-407, 9-408 or 9-409 of the UCC (or any successor provision or provisions) of any relevant jurisdiction or any other applicable law), provided, that immediately upon the repayment of all Indebtedness secured by such Lien, such Grantor shall be deemed to have granted a Security Interest in all the rights and interests with respect to such equipment. View More
Equipment. Any equipment or machinery used by Sicor in the Manufacture of Product.
Equipment. All of Debtor's equipment, as such term is defined in the UCC
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