Example Definitions of "Equipment"
Equipment. Equipment, instruments, supplies, and materials owned or leased by CytRx, and located within the Facility, as identified in Exhibit A.
Equipment. Shall mean an item or items of personal property designated from time to time by Lessee which are described on an Equipment Schedule and which are being or will be leased by Lessee pursuant to this Lease, together with all replacement parts, additions and accessories incorporated therein or affixed thereto.
Equipment. All of Borrower's present and hereafter acquired machinery, molds, machine tools, motors, furniture, equipment, furnishings, fixtures, trade fixtures, motor vehicles, tools, parts, dyes, jigs, goods and other tangible personal property (other than Inventory) of every kind and description used in Borrower's operations or owned by Borrower and any interest in any of the foregoing, and all attachments, accessories, accessions, replacements, substitutions, additions or improvements to any of the... foregoing, wherever located View More
Equipment. Shall have the meaning provided in Paragraph 3(c)
Equipment. QUALCOMM's test and deployment equipment, including but not limited to, form factor accurate test mobiles, described in a purchase order accepted by QUALCOMM as specified below and any accompanying documentation, such as technical and instruction manuals.
Equipment. The line replaceable units and other equipment, including Software and consumable and expendable parts, set forth in Exhibit B for each Technology Type (as such Exhibit may be amended or supplemented from time to time for Technology Types other than ATG/ATG4 and Ku (and accompanying Manuals) that Gogo installs, or provides for American to install, on the American A/C for the provision of the Connectivity Service, but does not include Services
Equipment. All equipment, fixtures, physical facilities or interests therein of every type and description to the extent that the same are used or held for use in connection with the ownership, development or operation of the Properties, whether located on or off the Properties
Equipment. Parts, machinery, structure, steel, drives, controls, and other parts and appurtenances as set forth in Exhibit B to be supplied by L-POA for the Lift described in Exhibit A
Equipment. All plant, machinery and equipment situate on the Lands, whether forming part of the Lands or not, including the plant, machinery and equipment described in Schedule F hereto
Equipment. Means any equipment or machinery, including Customer Equipment, used by Manufacturer in the Development and/or Manufacturing of Product, or the holding, processing, testing, or release of Product.
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