Example Definitions of "Improvement"
Improvement. An addition, development, enhancement, update or other change in any Product, including any extension of the label claims for any Product and any new design for any Product
Improvement. Means any modification or revision relating to the use of the product described in Appendix I of this Agreement whether discovered or conceived or invented by the Company or Contractor or co-conceived, co-invented or co-discovered by the Company and the Contractor, or by the Company and a third party supplier or third party suppliers or by the Contractor and any third party supplier or third party suppliers.
Improvement. Means any enhancement or modification of the Product's use, dosage form, indication, line extension, presentation or formulation, in each case whether or not patentable, including the addition of any API.
Improvement. Shall mean any invention, discovery or further development of Icon Technology's Patents generated by Protalix.
Improvement. With respect to an item of Technology, any modification, improvement, extension, addition, development or derivative work of such item developed by either Party
Improvement. Means any invention, adaptation, modification or change, except for those that are purely aesthetic as trade dress.
Improvement. Means any improvement or modification of a Licensed Product.
Improvement. Any improvement, modification, translation, update, upgrade, new version, enhancement or other derivative work.
Improvement. Any modification of a Licensed Product provided practicing such modification, if unlicensed, would infringe one or more Valid Claims of the Licensed Patents. Improvement does not mean or include developments in respect to components, materials, or processes that are useful in practicing the inventions of the Licensed Patents, but that do not themselves infringe at least one of the licensed Valid Claims of the Licensed Patents.
Improvement. Any building, structure or other improvement located in the Project
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