Example Definitions of "Improvement"
Improvement. Shall mean any improvement, modification in or to the Technology and/or the Process or any derivative work thereof which is made, conceived or acquired by Licensee during the term of this Agreement and which Licensee is free to disclose and license without any obligation to any third party.
Improvement. Means any modification, enhancement or improvement to a Technology, or any discovery related to such Technology, whether or not patented or patentable, and all associated Intellectual Property Rights therein or thereto.
Improvement. Shall mean any modification, variation or revision to an apparatus, method, product or technology, or any discovery, technology, device, process or formulation related to an apparatus, method, product or technology, whether or not patented or patentable, including any enhancement in the manufacture or steps or processes thereof, ingredients, preparation, presentation, formulation, method, product or technology, any discovery or development of any new or expanded indications for an apparatus,... method, product or technology, or any discovery or development that improves the stability, safety or efficacy of an apparatus, method, product or technology), in each case, to the extent related to the Technology or the Product including without limitation the Product Accessories and/or Assigned Intellectual Property Rights. View More
Improvement. Any patentable invention which is: (a) made under M.I.T. research programs in which Ram Sasisekharan is the principal investigator; and (b) disclosed to the M.I.T. Technology Licensing Office within [**] years of the EFFECTIVE DATE; and (c) dominated by claims of the PATENT RIGHTS licensed under this Agreement and listed in Appendix A as of the EFFECTIVE DATE; and (d) available for licensing after satisfaction of any rights granted to sponsors of the research leading to such invention.
Improvement. An improvement, enhancement or modification of Intellectual Property which relates solely to such Intellectual Property and is not severable from or useful other than in connection with such Intellectual Property.
Improvement. Means, with respect to any Intellectual Property, any other Intellectual Property that is an improvement, enhancement, derivative work, modification, adaptation, or new application of, or that otherwise relates to, such original Intellectual Property (whether or not protectable under applicable Intellectual Property law).
Improvement. Means any improvement, modification, derivative, enhancement to, of, and refinement of, in whole or in part, the Licensed Process Technology, Licensed PDKs, Licensed Semiconductor Technology, Licensed Backend Technology, Licensed Background Technology, or Licensed Technical Information.
Improvement. Any Intellectual Property that: (a) results from an improvement or enhancement of the Licensed Technology by a Party other than POINT; or (b) is discovered, developed, or derived using or practicing the Licensed Technology by a Party other than POINT; or (c) but for the license granted in this Agreement, would infringe, or contribute to, or induce the infringement of, or read on, any Patent Right and is discovered, developed, or derived by a Party other than POINT.
Improvement. Any and all technical information, patentable or non-patentable, controlled by any Party which cover any improvement, invention or discovery concerning the Desirick Procedure or any derivation thereof and its application and use, including, but not limited to, related consumables (cans, valves, and actuators), filling equipment for pressurized metered-dose inhalers, and/or proprietary lab equipment and training, support or maintenance thereon of any combination thereof, including, without... limitation, new or improved methods of manufacture, formulas, uses, and indications, methods of delivery and dosage forms thereof, and mechanical or chemical changes or manipulations, as well as the addition of other active ingredients, each made by or on behalf of any of the Licensing Parties or their representatives or affiliates. "Improvements" shall include all Improvements made after the Effective Date, and all Improvements made prior to the Effective Date, whatsoever, by the Licensing Parties, their predecessors, Affiliates, or representatives. View More
Improvement. Any Patent or pending Patent application with a claim which, if practiced in the absence of a license, would infringe at least one Valid Claim of the base Patent or pending Patent application
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