Example Definitions of "Property"
Property. The word "Property" means all of Grantor's right, title and interest in and to all the Property as described in the "Collateral Description" section of this Agreement.
Property. Means the Land, together with all mineral rights, easements, rights and appurtenances thereto, any and all structures, buildings, improvements and fixtures, including without limitation, any and all equipment and appliances used in connection with the operation or occupancy thereof, such as heating and air-conditioning systems and facilities used to provide any utility services, parking services, refrigeration, ventilation, trash disposal or other services owned by Seller and located on the... Land (‘Improvements’); any personal property owned by Seller and located or used on the Land or in the Improvements (including but not limited to, phone systems, fax machines, office equipment, furniture, tools etc (‘Personal Property’); Seller’s interest in any and all leases (including assignment of all prepaid rent and security deposits in connection therewith) and other agreements to occupy the Land and/or the Improvements, or any portion thereof, as amended from time to time, in effect on the Closing Date such leases and agreements being sometimes collectively referred to herein as ‘Leases’); any and all intangible property owned by Seller and used in connection with the Land, Improvements and Personal Property (including i) all phone numbers, websites or e-mail addresses utilized by the Seller in the operation of the self storage business and ii) any trade names or similar marks used in the operation of the self storage business), and any and all plans and specifications in the possession of Seller which were prepared in connection with the construction of any Improvements, all hereditaments, privileges, tenements and appurtenances belonging to the Land, all right, title and interest of Seller in and to all open or proposed highways, streets, roads, avenues, alleys, easements, strips, gores and rights-of-way in, on, across, in front of, contiguous to, abutting or adjoining the Land, all licenses, permits and warranties now in effect with respect to the Land, Improvements and Personal Property (to the extent the same are assignable by Seller), and all of the books and record of the business being operated on the Property, written contracts (to the extent the same are assignable and Purchaser agrees to such assignment) in effect at Closing (as hereinafter defined), in any way relating to the Premises (as hereinafter defined) (‘Intangible Property’). View More
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