Example Definitions of "Tax"
Tax. Taxes" and "Tax Returns" shall have the meanings set forth in Section 5(o)(i) of this Agreement.
Tax. Any federal, state, local or foreign income, alternative, minimum, accumulated earnings, personal holding company, franchise, share capital, profits, windfall profits, gross receipts, sales, use, value added, transfer, registration, stamp, premium, excise, customs duties, severance, environmental, real property, personal property, ad valorem, occupancy, license, occupation, employment, payroll, social security, disability, unemployment, workers' compensation, withholding, estimated or other... similar tax, duty, fee, assessment or other governmental charge or deficiencies thereof (including all interest and penalties thereon and additions thereto). View More
Tax. Means all federal, state, local and foreign income, profits, franchise, sales, use, occupation, property, severance, excise, payroll, withholding and any other taxes (including interest and penalties thereon).
Tax. All federal, state, local, foreign and other net income, gross income, gross receipts, sales, use, ad valorem, transfer, franchise, profits, license, lease, service, service use, withholding, payroll, employment, excise, severance, stamp, occupation, premium, property, windfall profits, customs, duties or other taxes, fees, levies, assessments or charges of any kind whatsoever, together with any interest and any penalties, additions to Tax or additional amounts with respect thereto, (b) any... liability for payment of amounts described in clause (a) whether as a result of transferee liability, of being a member of an affiliated, consolidated, combined or unitary group for any period, or otherwise through operation of law, and (c) any liability for the payment of amounts described in clauses (a) or (b) as a result of any tax sharing, tax indemnity or tax allocation agreement or any other express or implied agreement to indemnify any other person View More
Tax. Each of the following: (a) all forms of taxation, duties, imposts, fees, levies, deductions or withholdings, whether of Canada, Antigua, Bolivia, Australia, U.S. or elsewhere; and (b) any interest or penalty in connection with such liability
Tax. Or collectively, "Taxes" means all taxes, however denominated, including any interest, penalties, criminal sanctions or additions to tax (including, without limitation, any underpayment penalties for insufficient estimated tax payments) or other additional amounts that may become payable in respect thereof (or in respect of a failure to file any Tax Return when and as required), imposed by any Governmental Entity, which taxes shall include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all... income taxes, payroll and employment taxes, withholding taxes (including withholding taxes in connection with amounts paid or owing to any employee, independent contractor, creditor, stockholder or other person or entity), unemployment insurance taxes, social security (or similar) taxes, sales and use taxes, excise taxes, franchise taxes, gross receipts taxes, occupation taxes, real and personal property taxes, stamp taxes, value added taxes, transfer taxes, profits or windfall profits taxes, licenses in the nature of taxes, estimated taxes, severance taxes, duties (custom and others), workers' compensation taxes, premium taxes, environmental taxes (including taxes under Section 59A of the Code), disability taxes, registration taxes, alternative or add-on minimum taxes, estimated taxes, and other fees, assessments, charges or obligations of the same or of a similar nature. View More
Tax. Any federal, provincial, local, foreign or other tax, levy, impost, fee, assessment or other government charge including, without limitation, income, estimated income, capital, business, occupation, franchise, property, payroll, sales (including, without limitation, goods and services tax), transfer, use, employment, commercial rent, occupancy, franchise or withholding taxes including, without limitation, interest, penalties and additions in connection therewith
Tax. Any federal, state, local, or foreign income, gross receipts, franchise, estimated, alternative minimum, add-on minimum, sales, use, transfer, registration, value added, excise, natural resources, severance, stamp, occupation, premium, windfall profit, environmental, customs, duties, real property, personal property, capital stock, intangibles, social security, unemployment, disability, payroll, license, employee, or other tax or levy, of any kind whatsoever, including any interest, penalties,... or additions to tax in respect of the foregoing. View More
Tax. Or "Taxes" shall be understood to include any tax or similar governmental charge, impost or levy (including, without limitation, income taxes, franchise taxes, transfer taxes or fees, sales taxes, excise taxes, ad valorem taxes, withholding taxes, minimum taxes, use taxes, occupancy taxes, property taxes, employment taxes, stamp taxes or windfall profit taxes), together with any related liabilities, penalties, fines, additions to tax or interest, imposed by the United States or any state,... county, local or foreign government or subdivision or agency therefore. View More
Tax. Means (i) any federal, provincial, state, local or foreign tax, or other governmental assessment, impost or duty including capital, franchise, excise, estimated, value-added, replacement, stamp, occupation, successor or similar taxes as well as taxes based on income, employment, property, sales or use tax (whether imposed directly or through withholding), including any interest, additions to tax, or penalties applicable thereto, (ii) any liability for the payment of any amounts of the type... described in clause (i) of this sentence as a result of being a member of an affiliated, consolidated, combined, unitary or aggregate group for any Taxable period, and (iii) any liability for the payment of any amounts of the type described in clause (i) or (ii) of this sentence as a result of being a transferee of or successor to any person or as a result of any express or implied obligation to assume such Taxes or to indemnify any other person View More
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