Example Definitions of "Tax"
Tax. Or Taxes means all federal, state, local, foreign and other income, gross receipts, sales, use, production, ad valorem, transfer, franchise, margins, registration, profits, license, lease, service, service use, value added, withholding, payroll, employment, unemployment, social security, disability, estimated, alternative or add on minimum, excise, severance, environmental, stamp, occupation, premium, capital stock, property real or personal, escheat, real property gains, windfall profits,... wealth, net wealth, net worth, customs, duties or other taxes, fees, assessments or charges of any kind whatsoever, together with any interest, additions, fines or penalties with respect thereto and any interest in respect of such additions, fines or penalties whether disputed or not. View More
Tax. All forms of local and national taxes, duties, levies, social security contributions or other imposts or withholdings imposed by or payable to any Tax Authority whether direct or indirect, chargeable or attributable directly or primarily to the Issuer or to any other person and irrespective of any such taxes, duties, levies, social security contributions or other imposts or withholdings being recoverable from any other person and including penalties, additions, interest, costs and expenses and... any payment obligation by way of reimbursement, recharge, indemnity or damages relating to such taxes, duties, levies, social security contributions or other imposts or withholdings View More
Tax. Any and all federal, state, provincial, local, foreign or other taxes, including, without limitation, income taxes, estimated taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, transaction privilege taxes, use taxes, gross receipts taxes, franchise taxes, employment and payroll related taxes, withholding taxes, stamp taxes, transfer and property taxes, or other tax of any kind whatsoever, whether or not measured in whole or in part by net income, including any interest, penalty, or addition thereto, whether... disputed or not. View More
Tax. All Federal, state, local and foreign taxes and assessments, including all interest, penalties and additions with respect thereto
Tax. Or Taxes shall mean all federal, state, local, foreign and other net income, gross income, gross receipts, sales, use, ad valorem, transfer, franchise, profits, license, lease, service, add on or alternative minimum, occupancy, withholding, payroll, employment, social security, excise, severance, stamp, value added, occupation, premium, property (including, without limitation, real property and any assessments, special or otherwise), windfall profits, customs, duties or other taxes of any kind... whatever, together with any interest and any penalties, additions to tax or additional amounts with respect thereto. View More
Tax. Any net income, gross income, gross receipts, alternative or add-on minimum, sales, use, ad valorem, franchise, profits, license, withholding, payroll, employment, excise, transfer, recording, severance, stamp, occupation, premium, property, environmental, estimated, custom duty, or other tax, governmental fee or other like assessment or charge of any kind whatsoever, together with any interest and any penalty, addition to Tax or additional amount imposed by a Taxing Authority
Tax. Means any taxes, including, without limitation, any duties, contributions and fees of any nature whatsoever, emoluments, rights, charges or similar taxes (and respective interest, fines, penalties, monetary restatement and surtaxes charged with respect therewith) already charged or to be charged by any governmental tax authority or any other governmental authority, whether federal, state, municipal or any other, such as, for example, income taxes, income tax withheld at source, consumption... taxes, ad valorem taxes, added value taxes, social and/or social security contributions, contributions of any nature relating to the intervention on the economic domain (CIDE), contributions to the Unemployment Guarantee Fund (FGTS), financial compensation for the exploration of mineral resources (CFEM), annual fee per hectare (TAH), tenant's participation, environmental control and inspection fee (TCFA), payroll taxes, taxes on financial transactions, on personal and real properties, on transfer license, sales, use, employment and services. View More
Tax. Any income, excise, import, sales, property, withholding, social security or franchise tax or duty, and any interest, penalty or fine due thereon or with respect thereto of the U.S. (federal, state or local), United Kingdom or Hong Kong, or any other jurisdiction, as the context may require
Tax. All taxes and duties imposed by any national or local taxing authority having jurisdiction on the relevant company, including (without limitation) income, employment, property, excise, sale, use, VAT and franchise taxes
Tax. Any and all forms of taxation and statutory, governmental, state, provincial, local or municipal impositions, duties, imposts, contributions, rates and levies, anywhere in the world whenever imposed, and all penalties, fines, charges, costs and interest relating thereto
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