Example Definitions of "Units"
Units. The number of shares of Common Stock covered by a Stock Appreciation Right which, although not issued to the Participant, are used to measure, at any particular time, the amount payable to the Participant upon exercise of the Stock Appreciation Right
Units. The meaning assigned to the term Common Units in the Operating Agreement
Units. Has the meaning set forth in the Note and Unit Subscription Agreement.
Units. The limited partnership units in the Partnership issued to Contributing Partners pursuant to the Contribution Agreement
Units. Shall mean, with respect to any Limited Partner, the units in the Partnership owned by such Limited Partner.
Units. Common units representing limited partnership interests in the Partnership and any other securities into which such Units are changed or for which such units are exchanged
Units. OCG Units, OCGH Units, Opco Units, Oaktree Group Units and any class or series of units or other ownership interests issued by an Affiliate.
Units. Means units of membership interests in the Company, or shares or other equity interests of the Company issued in exchange for or otherwise in connection with any transaction as described in Section 2.1.
Units. Shall mean COMMON PARTNERSHIP UNITS in Purchaser, as defined and described in the Partnership Agreement
Units. Shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals hereof.
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