Conversion Shares

Example Definitions of "Conversion Shares"
Conversion Shares. Means the shares of Common Stock issuable upon the conversion of the New Note.
Conversion Shares. Has the meaning set forth in the recitals above.
Conversion Shares. Means the Common Shares issuable upon conversion of a Note.
Conversion Shares. For a Conversion, the total number of shares of Common Stock calculated by dividing (A) the Principal Balance by (B) the Conversion Price.
Conversion Shares. Shares of Common Stock, or equivalent substitute equity securities of the Company, into which this Note may be converted pursuant to Section 4.
Conversion Shares. Fully paid and nonassessable shares of Common Stock.
Conversion Shares. Means the shares of the Company's Common Stock issuable upon conversion of the Purchased Shares issued or to be issued in accordance with the Vado Stock Purchase Agreement.
Conversion Shares. Shares of Common Stock issuable by the Issuer pursuant to the terms of any of the Notes, including any related Interest so converted or redeemed
Conversion Shares. Means (i) the Common Stock issuable or issued upon conversion of the Notes, (ii) any Common Stock issued or issuable (directly or indirectly) upon conversion and/or exercise of any other securities of the Company, acquired by the Investors after the date hereof; and (iii) any Common Stock issued as (or issuable upon the conversion or exercise of any warrant, right, or other security that is issued as) a dividend or other distribution with respect to, or in exchange for or in replacement of, the... shares referenced in clauses (i) and (ii) above; excluding in all cases, however, any Conversion Shares sold by a Person in a transaction in which the applicable rights under this Agreement are not assigned pursuant to Section 8.7, and excluding for purposes of Section 5 any shares for which registration rights have terminated pursuant to Section 6.12 of this Agreement. View More
Conversion Shares. Shares of the Equity Securities issued in the Qualified Equity Financing
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