Example Definitions of "Customer"
Customer. Any and all Persons who, to the Optionee's knowledge, have purchased the goods or services of the Company or its Affiliates in connection with the Business at any time during the one (1)-year period immediately preceding the Termination Date.
Customer. Means any Person that is not an Affiliate of METUCHEN and purchases Product(s) from METUCHEN or its Affiliates.
Customer. Any Person (i) for which the Company has performed any services or to which it has sold any products, (b) with which it has engaged in any business activity or (c) from which the Company has actively solicited business or discussed other business arrangements in the year preceding relevant measurement date.
Customer. A purchaser that is an individual or entity located in the Territory that is acquiring a Product from Distributor for its own internal use in a) a containerized or vertical indoor cannabis growing facility using LED lighting, b) cannabis dispensary or c) cannabis processing facility
Customer. Any Person who is a customer of the Beacon Group during the Restriction Period or has been a customer of the Beacon Group or any predecessor of the Beacon Group within the twelve (12) months immediately prior to the beginning of the Restriction Period.
Customer. Means anyone who is or was a customer of the Company during my employment with the Company, or is a prospective customer of the Company to whom the Company has made a presentation (or similar offering of services) within the one-year period immediately preceding the termination of my employment with the Company
Customer. Shall mean as specified on the cover page of this Agreement.
Customer. Any person or entity to whom the Company has sold its products or services or directly solicited to sell its products or services.
Customer. Of the Company shall mean any business or entity with which Employee had Material Contact, for the purpose of providing Services, during the twelve (12) months preceding Employee's termination date.
Customer. Any Person who purchased Company Products or who the Company actively solicited to purchase Company Products. This definition also includes any Person who the Company provided Company Products to for distribution or sale or that Company actively solicited for the purpose of providing Company Products to for distribution or sale.
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