Field of Use

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Field of Use. Dietary supplements and other foods for human performance nutrition
Field of Use. Use of the Biological Matter and Derivative Matter to treat organisms and animals but specifically excluding humans, dogs, horses and camels.
Field of Use. The fields of use described in section Al of attached Exhibit A.
Field of Use. For the treatment of breast cancer
Field of Use. The field of acute post-operative pain management treatments
Field of Use. All fields, now known or later developed (including but not limited to any uses for the Products, Processes, Licensed Patents, or Technology, which may be designed, made, imported, used, marketed and/or sold for applications in drug screening and discovery, assays, human pharmaceutical, animal pharmaceutical, human diagnostic, animal diagnostic, analysis services, genomics, proteomics, informatics, and data commercialization.
Field of Use. All applications of the Patent Rights excluding subcutaneous or intramuscular drug delivery implants.
Field of Use. Means human use
Field of Use. Means (1) Procure Treatment Centers, Inc. ("Procure"), or a substitute thereof in the medical device arena, wherein the Licensed Products are incorporated into traditional large scale proton therapy centers of an end customer, with multiple treatment rooms and with a cost greater than seventy-five million dollars ($75,000,000) and the patient positioning systems are not for any other type of resale by Procure or the end customer of Procure, and (2) any other use to which the issued claims of... the Licensed Patent would apply to a robotic manipulator that is not to be affixed to a patient positioning system by LICENSEE or any end user of such manipulator. View More
Field of Use. Use of the Licensed Technology in detecting human colorectal cancer and tumors, including, without limitation, adenomas, in stool-based assays, and other products for the purposes of colorectal disease screening and detection, disease staging, disease monitoring, disease prognosis, and/or pharmacogenomic testing
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