Field of Use

Example Definitions of "Field of Use"
Field of Use. The use of Licensed Product for the prevention or treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
Field of Use. Means housing, office, and/or retail uses generally constructed as a permanent structures, but excludes uses exclusively for storage, mobile storage, temporary storage and commercial applications that: (1) are occupied by persons temporarily or infrequently (such as construction site temporary offices), or (2) are not assembled into buildings consisting of greater than 6 Containers in size and not intended for use as permanent housing, office, and/or retail structures, or (3) are buildings of... such nature that: (A) (I) they do not require a building or other permit or process from local government agencies, or (ii) are built from drawings, and/or specifications supplied to CGI by the party buying the modified container(s), and (B) are for purposes that are not primarily for permanent housing, office and/or retail structures. In the event a proposed use of Containers by CGI is not clearly within or outside of the Field of Use, CGI will notify SGB of such proposed use and the parties shall collaborate to determine whether such use is within the Field of Use and if so, whether (i) the proposed use by CGI should be permitted; and (ii) if so, whether the proposed use should be performed on a shared or joint venture basis. View More
Field of Use. All human therapeutic and diagnostic applications.
Field of Use. All uses in humans and animals
Field of Use. Means Mobile Devices. The "Field of Use" [***] products or services that are designed, sold, or marketed for use [***].
Field of Use. The diagnosis, prophylaxis and/or treatment involving female sexual dysfunction ("FSD"), including without limitation enhancing female sexual desire and responsiveness, and preventing, treating and/or managing female sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and pain disorder
Field of Use. Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and related disease indications caused by a lack of functional dystrophin.
Field of Use. Shall be bone grafting for the indications osteoskeleton diseases and injuries, thereby excluding dental and maxillofacial indications.
Field of Use. Means Exclusive Field of Use and the Non-Exclusive Field of Use within the Territory.
Field of Use. Means laparoscopic surgical access to enable diagnosis, treatment, or procedure performed on any part of a human or animal body.
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