Field of Use

Example Definitions of "Field of Use"
Field of Use. Any and all research and commercialization fields.
Field of Use. Any and all research and commercialization related to osteogenesis therapy.
Field of Use. On the EFFECTIVE DATE shall mean all the TECHNICAL AREAS listed above, and is subject to modification according to the provisions of paragraphs 2.3(b) and 2.3(c).
Field of Use. Means parasthesia-free stimulation of the spinal cord for chronic intractable pain of the trunk and limbs at a frequency greater than 1,500 Hz
Field of Use. Shall mean commercial laboratory science and analytical testing of medical and non-medical-grade cannabis products.
Field of Use. As used herein shall mean development and commercialization of methods, products, and services related to plants, which shall include, but not be limited to, production of plants, seed, crops, and products therefrom.
Field of Use. The prevention or treatment of disorders of the lower urinary tract, defined as the bladder, prostate, urethra, and related conditions.
Field of Use. Any and all therapeutic or prophylactic applications.
Field of Use. Means the field of use set forth in Schedule 1.
Field of Use. All fields of use except for any claimed methods of creating or fabricating nano or microstructures by means of [...***...].
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