Field of Use

Example Definitions of "Field of Use"
Field of Use. The market verticals specified in Exhibit A
Field of Use. Means the field of use set forth in the attached Schedule 1(c). For the avoidance of doubt, the Field of Use specifically excludes, among other categories, those categories included in the license granted by Licensor to Integrative Nutrition, LLC ("IIN") as described in Schedule 7(b) (the "IIN Field of Use").
Field of Use. The field for which Products may be designed, manufactured, used and/or marketed under this Agreement, and shall mean Products that apply the principles of engineering and life sciences toward development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve cell or tissue function, or can be used in the diagnosis of abnormal, diminished or absent tissue function.
Field of Use. The treatment, palliation, diagnosis or prevention of any human or animal disease.
Field of Use. Means the rights for the development of IMT504 as immunotherapy for symptomatic rabies
Field of Use. The rights for the development and commercialization of MABT's COVID-19 vaccine composed of recombinant S1 and S2 proteins from SARS-CoV-2 plus IMT504 adjuvant
Field of Use. Means any and all therapeutic uses.
Field of Use. The prevention, treatment and amelioration of human cancers and other diseases and conditions.
Field of Use. Means all fields.
Field of Use. Means all uses in or for humans.
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