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Field of Use. Means treatment of cancer and symptoms caused by cancer, including but not limited to pain, nausea, neuroinflammation, brain and neural dysfunction, depression, seizures, confusion, dizziness, numbness/tingling, dysfunction of the senses and all other symptoms that are caused by cancer of any type. For the sake of clarity, the Field of Use does not include any potential applications of the Licensed Products and Licensed Processes other than those used in treating cancers and the symptoms caused... by the cancers. View More
Field of Use. The business of triggering a request of an individual natural person located within the United States to establish financial accounts that will be linked to such financial accounts with a general purpose of establishing reloadable payment card by the financial institution after their compliance acceptance, creating a mobile application that provides mobile wallet functionality by interacting with the financial institution, and processing and or recording payments made by end users using such... cards and applications among accounts, merchants, and financial institutions. View More
Field of Use. Surgical applications and products in the orthopedic, neurosurgical, acute care, surgical, and dental market place – inclusive of treatment, healing, growth, and formation technologies of bone, spine, spinal disc, cartilage structures, ligament, tendon; and, regenerative medical device coatings
Field of Use. The Ophthalmic Field and, if the option under Section 4.8 is exercised, the Otic Field, but excluding (a) non-ophthalmic and non-otic surgical methods of treatment, (b) all diseases, states or conditions other than those set forth above and (c) the Dental Field, the Gynecology Field and the Wound Field
Field of Use. The prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any gynecological disease, state or condition (whether acute or chronic and regardless of delivery system or means of application) including without limitation caused by infections or inflammation, but excluding (a) surgical methods of treatment, (b) all diseases, states or conditions other than those set forth above and (c) the Dental Field, the Respiratory Field, the Wound Field, the Ophthalmic Field and the Otic Field
Field of Use. Means: (a) all fields outside of the IOTA Exclusive Business.
Field of Use. Design and project management platforms intended for residential use, including without limitation single-family residences, multi-family residences, "tiny houses" mobile homes and "ADUs", but specifically excluding military housing
Field of Use. The personal care industry
Field of Use. All fields of use.
Field of Use. Prophylactic and therapeutic uses in humans.
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