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Example Definitions of "Know How"
Know How. Means the accumulation of skills, processes, information, experience and documents related to the Licensed Intellectual Property and needed to enable Licensee, itself or through third-party sublicensees, to practice the Licensed Intellectual Property to manufacture, service and sell the Volu-Sol Product, including, but not limited to, any and all materials, technical information, blueprints, process documents, drawings, CAD-CAM and other electronic files, supplier lists, specifications, trade... secrets, Know How, techniques, discoveries, processes, procedures, methods, protocols, designs, diagrams, test results, studies, raw material sources, data, formulation, production technology and other such materials. View More
Know How. Means everything that would constitute Know-How as such term is defined in any of the License Agreements.
Know How. Any and all data, instructions, processes, formulae, concepts, ideas, trade secrets, and other information (in written or other tangible form) including, without limitation, any chemical, pharmacological, toxicological, clinical, assay, control and manufacturing data, information relating to biological materials, manufacturing or related technology, analytical methodology, chemical and quality control procedures, protocols, techniques, improvements and results of experimentation and testing
Know How. Means any and all current and future know-how, technical information, technical knowledge, unpatentable inventions, manufacturing procedures, methods, trade secrets, processes, formulas, documentation and other tangible or intangible property or rights relating to THERMO's products, whether or not capable of precise separate description but which alone, or when accumulated, gives to the Person acquiring it an ability to study, test, formulate, manufacture, produce or market something which it... otherwise would not have known to study, test, formulate, manufacture, produce or market in the same or similar way. View More
Know How. All technical and proprietary information owned by NAI and/or used by NAI relating to the Invention and Products, including all samples, sources of supply, documentation, proprietary processes, and other similar tangible and intangible information and property in NAI's possession or control useful in the manufacture, use or sale of Products, including all trade secret rights therein.
Know How. All documented and undocumented research, ideas, data, theories, conclusions, reports, drawings, designs, blueprints, schematics, exhibits, models, prototypes, source code, object code, flow charts, manuals, processes, specifications, formulae, product configurations, notes, inventions (whether or not patentable and whether or not reduced to practice) and any other information of any kind developed, in development or maintained by the Borrower or any of its employees, agents or representatives... relating to any goods or services sold or licensed or offered for sale or license by the Borrower or goods or services which the Borrower has a present intention to sell or license. View More
Know How. Will mean any discoveries, inventions (whether patentable or not), materials, information, data, designs, formulae, ideas, methods, models, assays, research plans, procedures, designs for experiments and tests and results of experimentation and testing (including results of research or development) processes (including manufacturing processes, specifications and techniques), laboratory records, chemical, clinical, analytical and quality control data, trial data, case report forms, data... analyses, reports or summaries and information contained in submissions to, and information from, ethical committees and regulatory authorities. View More
Know How. Any information or Materials, including, without limitation, cells, cell lines, genes, gene fragments, gene sequences, probes, DNA, RNA, cDNA libraries, proteins, peptides, polypeptides, plasmids, vectors, expression systems, organisms, biological substances, and any constituents, progeny or replications thereof or therefrom, reagents, chemical compounds, inventions whether or not patentable, improvements, practices, formula, trade secrets, techniques, methods, procedures, protocols, knowledge,... skill, experience, results, and any information regarding marketing, pricing, distribution, cost, sales or manufacturing. Know-How does not include any Patents or Project Results. View More
Know How. Means ########*.
Know How. Know-how, technical information, research and development information, test results, and data which are owned or Controlled by CSHL and that have been actually provided by Dr. Hannon or a member of Dr. Gregory Hannon's lab to the Company, and which (a) have been developed by Dr. Gregory Hannon and his associates in his laboratory at CSHL (either as an employee of Howard Hughes Medical Institute or CSHL) as of the Effective Date or (b) are subsequently developed by Dr. Gregory Hannon at CSHL as... an employee of Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Hannon will designate in writing or orally all Know-How disclosed by him to Company. View More
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