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Know How. All technical and other information not generally accessible to the public which relates to the design, manufacture, supply or use of the Device or the Glass Capsule known to either party during the term of this Agreement.
Know How. The knowledge and experience of a technical, commercial, administrative, or financial nature which has been practically applicable in operating the Boeing Wichita Site business up to the date hereof, whose application is not protected by means of patents, and specifically excludes Proprietary Information and Proprietary Materials.
Know How. Information which has been created, developed, or fixed in any tangible medium of expression and which is directly related to the use of, or desirable for the practice of, the intellectual property Rights
Know How. Any inventions, know-how, experience, knowledge, trade secrets and proprietary information relating to the Patent Rights, including the application of any patent rights resulting from the Patent Application
Know How. The ideas, concepts, work product, information, designs, inventions, discoveries, improvements, techniques and know-how, now existing or hereafter coming into existence, owned or used by comScore or any of its Affiliates that are necessary or useful to access, use, operate, maintain, copy, modify, create derivative works from, enhance, improve and otherwise obtain the full benefit of the comScore Materials and any Citadel Owned Developed Materials.
Know How. Materials, data, results, formulae, designs, specifications, methods, processes, improvements, techniques, ideas, discoveries, technical information, process information, clinical information and any other information. whether or not any of the foregoing is patentable, known to and which is confidential (in accordance with Section 9.1 hereof) and proprietary to Aquila now or hereafter during the Term, to the extent that any of the foregoing relates to any Licensed Patent Rights or the... development, manufacture, use or sale of Adjuvant in connection with the development, manufacture, use or sale of any Licensed Product; provided however, that the term "Know how" shall not include any of the foregoing that is [**]. View More
Know How. Shall mean all know-how, information, data, knowledge, discoveries, trade secrets, works, data, analytical reference materials and confidential or proprietary processes relating to the Product or to the manufacturing, distribution or sale of the Product in the Territory, and other information relating to the Product, owned or developed by, in the possession of, known to or used by INALCO or its Affiliates or Subsidiaries prior to the Effective Date. Without limiting the generality of the... foregoing, Know-How shall include all techniques, technology, processes, and know-how related to production and purification of the Product, including systems for fully processing and purifying the Product; types and configuration of processing equipment; lists of suppliers, customers and prospective customers; market research data and reports, customer segmentation reports, detail pieces and any other marketing information relating to Product; development plans; methods of operation and management; cost control methods of setting prices; reporting methods; quality assurance programs; information systems; training manuals; databases; production solutions; financial information; and all other trade secrets of INALCO. View More
Know How. Shall mean any confidential unpatented or unpatentable technology, compound, cell line or other biological material, probe, sequence, technical information, method, or other confidential information or material, in all cases to the extent, but only to the extent, not in the public domain and necessary for the Commercialization of the Licensed Product in the Field.
Know How. And include all inventions, discoveries, improvements, trade secrets and proprietary methods and materials (including the [***] plasmacytoma cell lines), whether or not patentable, including, but not limited to (a) samples of, methods of production or use of, and structural and functional information pertaining to, chemical compounds or other biological substances and (b) technical and scientific information (including any negative results) data, formulations, techniques and know-how.
Know How. All inventions, discoveries, trade secrets, information, experience, data, formulas, procedures and results, including physical, chemical, biological, toxicological, pharmacological and clinical data, dosage regimens, control assays and product specifications, but excluding any Patent Rights, that (a) is possessed as of the Effective Date by Glycomed, (b) is owned or Controlled by Glycomed as of the Effective Date, and (c) is necessary or useful in the use, development, design, registration, or... sale of a Licensed Product. View More
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