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Know How. All inventions, discoveries, trade secrets, improvements and information not in the public domain, whether or not patented or patentable (but excluding Patent Rights), together with all experience, data, formulas, procedures and results, and improvements thereon, now or hereafter developed or acquired by and proprietary or licensed with right to sublicense to Depomed on the Effective Date or which are developed or acquired during the term of and in connection with this Agreement, which relate... to or are used in conjunction with the development, manufacture or use of the Licensed Product View More
Know How. All proprietary technical and clinical information, data and know-how relating to a Product, whether or not patentable, which is owned or controlled as of the Effective Date or acquired or developed during the term of this Agreement by a Party hereto. Know-How shall include, without limitation, processes, formulas, discoveries and inventions whether relating to biological, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological, pharmaceutical, physical and analytical safety, quality control and clinical... data. The term "Know-How" shall exclude: (i) processes, information and data which is, as of the Effective Date, generally available to the public or later becomes generally available without breach by a Party of its obligations of confidentiality hereunder; or (ii) any general development or manufacturing know-how not specific to a Product. View More
Know How. 1.6
Know How. 1.6
Know How. All information and know-how, including, but not limited to, technical, and other information, practices, techniques, methods, processes, inventions, developments, specifications, coding, algorithms, trade secrets and similar information Licensor currently maintains
Know How. The tangible and intangible information, including, without limitation, data, results, formula, designs, specifications, methods, processes, techniques, ideas, discoveries, technical information, process information, clinical information, stability and safety information and other information which is owned or controlled (with the right to sublicense) by QMT as of the Effective Date relating to QMT's confidential and proprietary process for the bonding of certain Materials to substrates
Know How. The Confidential Information owned or controlled by ASIVI pursuant to the terms of the MOU and/or the Operating Agreement necessary for the exercise of the Patent Rights, including technical data, protocols and methods
Know How. Any and all product specifications, processes, methods, product designs, plans, trade secrets, ideas, concepts, inventions, manufacturing, engineering and other manuals and drawings, physical and analytical, safety, quality control, technical information, data, research records, all promotional literature, customer and supplier lists and similar data and information, which, in each case, are licensed to or owned by Company and/or otherwise used in the Acquired Business as currently operated;... and any and all other confidential or proprietary technical and business information which are licensed to or owned by Company and/or otherwise used in the Acquired Business as currently operated. View More
Know How. Means any and all ideas, concepts, designs, technical information, techniques, data, database rights, discoveries, inventions, practices, methods, procedures, processes, algorithm, knowledge, skill, experience, test data and any other information or technology, whether in written, electronic, graphic or any other form, including pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and biochemical compositions, formulations, assays, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), molecules, samples, cell lines,... journals and laboratory notebooks. View More
Know How. Means any and all information and materials comprising (i) ideas, discoveries, inventions, or improvements, (ii) research and development data, such as medicinal chemistry data, preclinical data, pharmacology data, chemistry data (including analytical, product characterization, manufacturing, and stability data), toxicology data, clinical data (including investigator reports (both preliminary and final), statistical analyses, expert opinions and reports, safety and other electronic databases),... analytical and quality control data and stability data, in each case together with supporting data, (iii) databases, practices, methods, techniques, specifications, formulations, formulae, knowledge, (iv) techniques, processes, manufacturing information, and (iv) research materials, reagents and compositions of matter. View More
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