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Example Definitions of "Know How"
Know How. All proprietary data, information, knowledge, know-how, inventions, discoveries, trade secrets, processes, techniques, strategies, methods, practices, skills, experience, documents, apparatus, devices, assays, screens, databases (including safety databases), database structures and data analysis methods, compositions, materials, methods, formulas, improvements, clinical and non-clinical study reports, test data including pharmacological, biological, chemical, biochemical, toxicological, and... clinical test data, analytical and quality control data, stability data, studies and procedures. View More
Know How. Technical information in the Field developed in the Laboratory under the supervision of the Principal Investigator and relating directly to the inventions claimed in the Patents and/or the information described in the attached Schedule 1 Part B.
Know How. All information, data, know-how, trade secrets, inventions, developments, results, techniques and materials, whether or not patentable.
Know How. Means all data and information relating to and/or used by the Company, whether confidential or not and whether patentable or not, including without limitation, inventions, discoveries, improvements, processes, formulae, techniques, designs, specifications, drawings, component, lists, manuals, instructions, catalogues and customer lists or other customer information whether or not any of the foregoing is in writing or on computer disc or unwritten;
Know How. Means any and all secret or confidential information, trade secrets, specifications, test results, analyses and data, inventions, methods, processes, formulae, mixtures, compositions, delivery systems, designs, techniques, applications, ideas or concepts, whether or not reduced to practice, relating directly to the Products, including, but not limited to, technology that is or could be the subject matter of a foreign or domestic patent or patent applications, whether or not reduced to writing... in a patent application View More
Know How. Technical facts, data, or advice, oral or written (in the form of information contained in patents and patent applications, reports, letters, drawings, specifications, testing procedures, training and operational manuals, bills of materials, photographs and related materials) and/or any tangible material(s) [***], that: (i) were developed [***]; (ii) relates to [***]; (iii) were developed before the Effective Date; (iv) are owned by and in the possession of University; and (v) are not covered... by rights to any Third Party that would prevent delivery to Company. View More
Know How. Means all existing and available technical information, know-how and data, including inventions (whether patentable or not), discoveries, trade secrets, package specifications, chemical specifications, analytical test methods, stability data, testing data, product specifications, instructions, processes, formulation information, validation documents, materials, drawings, formulae, reports, and other technology and techniques in each case to the extent related to the Product or to the Drug... Substance in the Field including all biological, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological, pharmaceutical, physical and analytical, clinical safety, safety data, manufacturing and quality control, preclinical and clinical data to the extent relevant to the manufacture, registration, use or commercialization of the Product but excluding Manufacturing Technology, and that are in existence and owned or controlled by Novartis and/or its Affiliates on the Effective Date. View More
Know How. All non-patented and unpublished Information (including documentation thereof) relating to Licensed Products and Controlled by ORGENTEC as of the Effective Date, including, but not limited to, research, clinical and manufacturing data and documentation, sample report forms from the clinical studies, case report forms, clinical databases, protocols, completed patient informed consent forms, copies of laboratory notebooks, standard operating procedures and laboratory procedures.
Know How. All existing and available technical information, know-how and data, including inventions (whether patentable or not), trade secrets, specifications, instructions, processes, formulae, materials and other technology related to the Products or to its manufacture, registration, use of commercialization and including all biological, chemical, pharmacological, biochemical, toxicological, pharmaceutical, physical, safety, quality control, preclinical and clinical data relevant to the manufacture,... registration, use and commercialization of the Products, and that are in existence, and owned by Novartis and/or its Affiliates on the Closing Date. View More
Know How. Has the meaning set forth in the Asset Purchase Agreement.
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