Example Definitions of "Guarantors"
Guarantors. All of the domestic subsidiaries of the Company that are signatories hereto and all of the direct and indirect future domestic subsidiaries of the Company who execute a supplemental indenture in order to become Guarantors in accordance with the terms of the Indenture
Guarantors. The meaning set forth in the preamble hereto and shall include any Guarantor's successor
Guarantors. Howard J. Leonhardt, and any other party who subsequently guaranties all or any part of Tenant's obligations under this Lease (See the Guaranty article of this Lease)
Guarantors. The Persons delivering a signature page to this Agreement and any other Person which hereafter delivers a Supplement, and "Guarantor" means any one of them.
Guarantors. Kona Grill, Inc. and Michael McDermott
Guarantors. The meaning set forth in the first paragraph of this Registration Rights Agreement
Guarantors. Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. (only to the extent as provided in the First Supplemental Indenture), Mission Broadcasting, Inc. and all of the Company's and Mission Broadcasting, Inc.'s future domestic subsidiaries
Guarantors. TransAtlantic Worldwide Ltd., TransAtlantic (Holdings) Australia Pty. Ltd. and TransAtlantic Australia Pty. Ltd.
Guarantors. Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated; Primus Telecommunications Holding, Inc.; TresCom International, Inc.; Least Cost Routing, Inc.; TresCom U.S.A., Inc.; iPrimus USA, Inc.; iPrimus.Com, Inc.; and Primus Telecommunications, Inc.; and any other person that becomes or is required by Section 10.18 of the Indenture to become a guarantor of the Notes prior to, the completion of the Exchange Offer or the expiration of the period, as set forth in Section 2(b), during which the Shelf... Registration Statement is required to be effective View More
Guarantors. James Jeffrey Lynch and any other party that agrees in writing to guarantee Tenant's obligations under the Lease.
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