Example Definitions of "Improvements"
Improvements. Means the Building and all other improvements related to the Building.
Improvements. All Technology, discoveries and inventions, and all modifications and improvements thereto (whether or not protectable under patent, trademark, copyright or similar laws) other than Piramal Improvements that are discovered, developed or reduced to practice by a Party, solely or jointly, in the performance of Services or through the use of Bolt's Confidential Information and all intellectual property rights in the foregoing.
Improvements. As defined in the form of Standard Lease attached hereto as Exhibit A.
Improvements. The meaning set forth above in the Recitals hereto and in the Security Instrument.
Improvements. Means the buildings, structures and other improvements forming a part of the Project, as the same are modified, from time to time.
Improvements. NYU's interest in any inventions, discoveries and/or data relating to directly targeting or otherwise directly inhibiting PoIQ which (i) is invented, discovered, or developed [***] and (ii) which NYU owns or otherwise has rights to out-license.
Improvements. The meaning set forth in the Borrower Security Instrument.
Improvements. Technical improvements, modifications or enhancements relating to the Technology that are developed by the Developer pursuant to this Agreement
Improvements. The three (3) buildings consisting of approximately 563,051 total square feet of office / industrial facility and other related improvements to be conveyed by Seller to Buyer and leased by Tenant pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, and all appurtenances thereto, including but not limited to all pavement, accessways, curb cuts, parking, drainage systems and facilities, landscaping, and utility facilities and connections for sanitary sewer, potable water, irrigation, electricity, telephone... and natural gas, if applicable or required by the Lease, to the extent the same form a part of the Premises View More
Improvements. Any upgrade, enhancement, modification, alteration, improvement, development, or other change made to the Licensed Know How or the inventions disclosed in the Licensed Patents during the term of this Agreement
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