Example Definitions of "Project"
Project. The meaning set forth in the recitals
Project. Both Building I and Building II, and the parking facilities and the property owned by Landlord on which the said buildings are located.
Project. The real property shown on EXHIBIT B within which is located the Building. Landlord reserves the right to construct additional buildings within the Project, in which event the area of such buildings shall be added to the area of the existing buildings to determine the total building area of the Project. Landlord further reserves the right to incorporate into the Project any real property adjacent to the Project and on which one or more buildings have been constructed.
Project. The design, development, implementation, testing, modification and/or improvement of the Hybrid Solution, whether products, hardware, software, electronic, mechanical or otherwise.
Project. Has the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 3A.1 and refers to the three phase(s) of development comprising the Works and references to "Project" shall include the development of the Facility on the Land
Project. The Licensing Services and Litigation Support scheduled at Exhibit B entitled, 'Project Description.'
Project. The collaborative research and development project performed by the Parties under the R&D Agreement as described more fully in the Project Plan.
Project. Means the project conducted under the Original Agreement directed to the Development, Manufacture and Commercialization of Antibodies that Interact with [**].
Project. The development of the Land, the design, and construction of the Landlord Improvements.
Project. That certain project in the City consisting of land, existing improvements and improvements to be constructed thereon or therein, including, without limitation, tenant improvements in conjunction with the leasing of such improvements to third parties, building fixtures and building equipment installed and to be installed thereat, and shall be comprised of the Leased Land, the Leased Improvements and the Leased Equipment, as the same shall exist from time to time
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