Example Definitions of "Project"
Project. The residential real estate construction projects commonly known as: (i) Totten Mews, consisting of real property approved for construction of 35 single family attached residential townhouse units and five affordable dwelling units located on Sixth Street in Washington DC, NE; (ii) the Towns at 1333, consisting of real property approved for construction of 18 single family attached residential townhouse units located on Powhatan Street in Alexandria, Virginia; and (iii) the New Projects, or any... other residential project as may be approved by the Requisite Members in their sole and absolute discretion. View More
Project. The project conducted under the Original Agreement directed to the Development, Manufacture and Commercialization of Antibodies that Interact with [********].
Project. The Property, the existing improvements, and the improvements to be constructed or acquired pursuant to the Plans and Specifications and Project Budget.
Project. Means the construction by CG Growth of a 137,000 square foot research/diagnostic lab/office building in Madison, Wisconsin on the Property.
Project. Each commercial operation within the Territory (as defined in Section 1(L)) at which any of the Patented Technology is used
Project. The Project as defined in the Declaration
Project. The proposed film Love Bites controlled by Rose and Smith
Project. Shall mean the services to be rendered to Customer by Evonik pursuant to a Proposal and the related Work Product. Each new Project will require a new Proposal and each new Proposal shall be incorporated by reference into this Agreement and all services provided under a Proposal shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The first six (6) Projects hereunder are set forth in the Proposals attached hereto as Attachments B-1 through B-6, respectively, all of which are made a... part of this Agreement as of the Effective Date. View More
Project. The land and other real property described on Exhibit A to this Lease, as well as any property interest in the area of the streets bounding the parcel described in the Basic Lease Information, and all other improvements on or appurtenances to said parcel or said streets. All portions of the Project not included within the Premises are common areas of the Project. Tenant shall have the exclusive right to use all Project common areas, subject to the right of the owner of One and Eleven Davis... Drive, Belmont to maintain in its current location on the Project parking lot a generator solely for the benefit of One and Eleven Davis Drive and to come onto the Project common areas to service and repair the generator or any replacement generator. View More
Project. Means (a) the design and development of the Immunoassays under the Development Agreement; (b) the development of a Second Generation Intercept® Device (as defined herein) under the Development Agreement to be used in conjunction with such Immunoassays; and (c) the marketing, commercialization, manufacture and distribution of such products under the Commercialization Agreement and this Agreement.
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