Example Definitions of "Project"
Project. Has the meaning set forth in the MAA.
Project. A Development Project performed under this Agreement and/or subsequent Commercialization of the respective QIAGEN IVD
Project. Means a real estate project for the acquisition, development, and development of real estate for use and operation as the Concept.
Project. The research work described on Exhibit A to be conducted by Recipient utilizing Confidential Information and Ampligen®.
Project. A set of specific research or development activities with respect to a Merck Product to be performed, or other services to be provided, by GCLC under one or more Work Orders under this Agreement
Project. Defined in Paragraph 2.1.
Project. Means the project described in a Project Plan.
Project. The project as more particularly identified in the Project Plan.
Project. Shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the second (2nd) recital above.
Project. The overall work of RareGen and Manufacturer, both separately and together, to develop, produce and manufacture the Products.
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