Example Definitions of "Project"
Project. The meaning set forth in the Borrower Security Instrument.
Project. The Venable Center.
Project. Means the project contained in the Shanghai foreign investment project filing certificate (Project Shanghai Code: 310115MA1H9YGWX20195E2101001) (including the updates and changes of such filing certificate from time to time after the Effective Date) of the Borrower, i.e. the Tesla Gigafactory Project (First Phase) First Stage which is located at 1/1 Hill, 8th Street, Luchaogang Town, Shanghai.
Project. The Nkamouna Cobalt-Nickel-Manganese Project
Project. Means the project containing approximately 7.5 acres of land commonly known as Lot 2B of the Gateway Center and referred to as the Gateway Technology Center, together with the land and improvements on which the Project is situated and all common areas.
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