Example Definitions of "Property"
Property. The Land, Improvements, and any Personal Property.
Property. Or "Properties" has the meaning set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.
Property. The Land and the Building
Property. The Land and the Building, including each of the Units
Property. The term "Property" shall mean the land upon which the Building is located, as more particularly described in the Basic Lease Information, attached hereto.
Property. That certain property described on Exhibit A hereto, in which Pledged Entity owns, on the date hereof, a 100% undivided fee interest
Property. Means the Buffalo Wild Wings and Bagger Dave's properties listed on Schedule 3 attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Property. Any real property or properties, or any portion thereof, transferred or conveyed to the Company or the Partnership, either directly or indirectly.
Property. All of the Land, the Improvements, the Leases and the Other Property. The Property consists of two (2) industrial parks commonly known as 'Pinnacle Park' and 'Deer Valley' containing five (5) buildings totaling approximately 340,646 square feet, located in the City of Phoenix, County of Maricopa, State of Arizona. Where applicable, as used herein, the term 'Property' shall also mean any one of, or each, of the Properties.
Property. Interests in (i) Real Property or (ii) any buildings, structures, improvements, furnishings, fixtures and equipment, whether or not located on the Real Property, in each case owned or to be owned by the Company either directly or indirectly through one or more Affiliates, joint ventures, partnerships or other legal entities
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