Example Definitions of "Property"
Property. The mineral rights and concessions on which the Mine is (or is proposed to be) established which are located approximately 382 kilometres southeast of La Paz in Chayanta Municipality, Bustillos Province, Department of Potosi, in southwestern Bolivia, as more particularly described in Schedule "C"
Property. Consists of the following: (i) Fee simple title to the parcels of land more particularly described in attached Exhibit A (the "Land"); (ii) Fee simple title to the buildings and structures located on the Land, consisting of approximately 406,000 square feet of space, located at 10125 ("Building A"), 10205 ("Building B"), and 10285 ("Building C") Federal Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado (collectively the "Improvements"); (iii) The landscaping, paving,... fixtures, facilities, building operating systems, and building equipment located in or about the Improvements or the Land (the "Building Equipment"), together with all furniture, equipment, machinery, inventories, supplies, signs and other tangible personal property, if any, owned by Seller and installed, located or situated on or used in connection with the operation of the Improvements or the Land, subject to depletions, replacements and additions in the ordinary course of business; provided, however, that, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the "Property" or the "Building Equipment" shall not include (and the Buyer shall not acquire by this Agreement) any interest in any furniture, trade fixtures or personal property of Quantum or Lockheed; (iv) All agreements, easements, rights of way, rights of ingress or egress, privileges, permits, appurtenances, tenements, hereditaments, mineral rights, water rights, and other rights and benefits belonging or pertaining to the Land or the Improvements; 2 (v) All of Seller's and Quantum's right, title and interest in (I) all intangible assets, rights, interests and privileges relating to the Land and Improvements or used in connection with the Land and Improvements, including all of Seller's and Quantum's right, title and interest in all (a) warranties, guaranties and sureties relating to the Land and Improvements, (b) licenses, permits, authorizations, certificates of occupancy, development rights, entitlements and approvals relating to the Land and Improvements, (c) names, logos, trademarks, tradenames, symbols and promotional materials relating to the Land and Improvements, and (d) all plans, specifications, drawings, surveys, architectural and engineering data, and building studies relating to the Land and Improvements, and (II) contract rights relating to the Property; provided, however, that to the extent that Quantum will continue to directly contract with service providers and vendors from and after Closing in order to fulfill Quantum's triple net lease obligations under the Quantum Space Leases, such contract rights of Quantum will not be assigned to Buyer at Closing; and (vi) Seller's and Quantum's interest in and to the Existing Space Lease. View More
Property. All property that is or was at any time affected by the Deed of Trust, which may later include any and all property previously released from the Deed of Trust.
Property. Shall mean the real estate, the improvements and the personal property, if any, identified on Schedule A hereto, taken together collectively
Property. Shall mean the property and improvements thereon known by street address as 480 Pleasant Street, Attleboro, Massachusetts.
Property. Shall have the meaning set forth in the Charter.
Property. The Property, the improvements now or hereafter located thereon and the estates therein encumbered by the Mortgage
Property. Shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the preambles.
Property. The meaning ascribed to it in the Recitals
Property. The Santa Cruz Property, the Ventura Property, the Dalton Property, the Keysville Property, the Colding Loop Property, the Trapnell Property, the Van Buren Property and the Marion Property
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