Termination Date

Example Definitions of "Termination Date"
Termination Date. With respect to an Executive means the date on which the Executive's employment is terminated for any reason
Termination Date. The earlier of (a) the liquidation of the Company and (b) the consummation by the Company of an initial Business Combination
Termination Date. The date on which a Participant ceases to be a Service Provider as determined by the Administrator.
Termination Date. Is the date the Employee's employment with the Company is terminated, which is determined by the Company in its sole discretion.
Termination Date. The last date on which Executive is in active pay status as an employee with Employer. A holiday cannot constitute a Termination Date unless Executive actively provided services for Employer on such holiday.
Termination Date. March 31, 2021, unless extended for up to 30 days by the Company in its reasonable discretion.
Termination Date. Means the date on which all Secured Obligations are indefeasibly repaid in full, in cash to the Secured Party (or any other holder of the Note as the case may be).
Termination Date. Means the date Executive experiences a Covered Termination and/or a Continuation Period Termination.
Termination Date. The effective date of any notice of termination of the Participant's employment.
Termination Date. The date on which Executive's employment with Beacon is terminated, by either Executive or Beacon, for any reason.
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