Example Definitions of "Customer"
Customer. Any person who participates in the PROGRAM
Customer. Any person, firm, corporation or other entity whatsoever to whom the Company or its Subsidiaries provided services or sold any products to within a twelve month period on, before or after the Participant's date of Termination.
Customer. Means any Person (as defined below) who or which is or was a customer of the Company and with whom the Participant had business contact during his or her tenure as a Participant hereunder or about whom the Participant received Confidential Information; provided that a former customer will only be considered a Customer for twelve (12) months after the last date on which the Company provided products or services (including, without limitation, marketing services, as determined by the Company in... its sole discretion) to such Person. View More
Customer. Means an account debtor obligated on a Purchased Account.
Customer. Means any Person who was a customer of, had a contractual relationship with, or was a prospective customer of Lee, or any of its Subsidiaries and Affiliates, at any time within the twenty-four (24) month period ending on the Termination Date.
Customer. Means any Person who is or was a customer or client of the Business on the date of this Agreement or during the 12-month period prior to such date.
Customer. The meaning specified in the Preamble
Customer. An Assigned Account, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and affiliates, other than a House Account, that purchase the Products.
Customer. Or "Customers" means the customer specifically indicated on the signature page of this Agreement, as well as each user specifically identified on the Schedules hereto so long as such user is an affiliate of the Customer so indicated on the signature page.
Customer. A Person to which Company provides Payment Services and that may have one or more Terminals located on its premises which participate in the Networks and with respect to which BofA provides Sponsorship Services to Company
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