Example Definitions of "Customer"
Customer. Means the undersigned customer on behalf of itself as well as on behalf of its affiliates and subsidiaries set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto.
Customer. Shall mean any individual, firm, corporation, federal, state or other government agency or other entity (any of the foregoing being hereinafter referred to as Person) who purchased any of the Company's products during the twelve month period immediately preceding the effective date by engagement as an employee or a consultant with the terminates, regardless of whether I induced or solicited such Person to give its patronage or business to the Company.
Customer. An individual, business or entity with which Employer or an Affiliate did business during the two (2) year period preceding the termination of Employee's employment as provided in this Agreement.
Customer. A purchaser of technology support services from Office Depot who has entered into a Work Order with Office Depot for those services and purchases the services for internal use and not for distribution or resale
Customer. (a) Antigenics MA, in the case where GSK is Manufacturing and supplying for Antigenics MA hereunder, or (b) GSK, in the case where Antigenics MA is Manufacturing and supplying for GSK hereunder.
Customer. A person who purchases or acquires, whether by way of lease, hire, hire purchase or otherwise, one or more Contract Goods for his own personal or commercial use and not for re-sale in the course of business
Customer. Shall mean any individual, business, or entity that (a) purchased products or services from the Company within the final twelve (12) months of Employee's employment; and (b) Employee had business contact with or provided services to, whether individually or with others, on behalf of the Company during the final twelve (12) months of Employee's employment. "Prospective Customer" shall mean any individual, business, or entity that Employee solicited or pursued, or assisted in soliciting or... pursuing within the final twelve (12) months of Employee's employment for the purpose of selling products or services of the Company. Customers or Prospective Customers include, but are not limited to, wholesale distribution channels, which include independent and specialty retailers, institutional athletic departments, leagues and teams, national and regional sporting goods chains and department store chains. View More
Customer. A customer or client of Seller whose accounts are serviced by or credited to Employees employed from or located at a Business Location.
Customer. (a) any individual or legal entity having a valid residential or business mailing address in the Territory, including, in the case of entities, the entity's extra-Territorial offices, employees and agents, and (b) any individual or legal entity conducting business in Japan or marketing its goods and services targeted primarily at the Japanese-language market in the Territory.
Customer. Means, for the general purposes of the Master Agreement, the entity designated above as Customer. However, for the particular purposes of any agreement that arises as a result of a Purchase Order, reference to Customer shall be construed solely as a reference to the specific entity (either the entity designated above as Customer or an Affiliate) that executes the Purchase Order.
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