Example Definitions of "Sublicensee"
Sublicensee. The sublicensee party to a Sublicense
Sublicensee. A Third Party holding a Sublicense under the Licensed Patents.
Sublicensee. A party that sublicenses a Licensed Patent or Licensed Technology from Restoration.
Sublicensee. The term 'Sublicensee' shall mean any third party to whom Licensee grants a sublicense or similar rights with respect to the rights conferred upon Licensee under this Agreement, as contemplated by Section 2.3. In addition, 'Sublicensee' shall include any and all further third party Sublicensees that may be permitted under Section 2.3.
Sublicensee. Any corporation, firm, partnership, limited liability company, or other legal entity or business association other than an Affiliate of Alnylam that sells or intends to commercialize Licensed Products under a sublicense from Alnylam to develop, make, use and sell Licensed Products. Sublicensee shall not include a distributor. For the purpose of this Agreement, Sublicensee shall also include the assignees of Alnylam to which Alnylam has sub-assigned its ownership position in the Tuschl II United... States Patents and Patent Applications in certain countries. View More
Sublicensee. A direct or indirect licensee or sublicensee of any of the Licensed IP from JV
Sublicensee. Any unaffiliated third party to whom the Company has granted a sublicense pursuant to this Agreement
Sublicensee. Any person, company or other entity granted a Sublicense by ZelleRx under Paragraph 2.B. below, including Affiliates of the Sublicensee, but excludes persons, companies or other entities owned in part or wholly, controlled by or under common control by ZelleRx.
Sublicensee. Any person, company or other entity granted a sublicense by ZelleRx under Paragraph 2. D. below, including Affiliates of the Sublicensee.
Sublicensee. Means a Third Party that has received a sublicense under the license rights granted to Licensee in Article 2 of this Agreement (the written agreement containing such sublicense, a "Sublicense"). This term includes any sublicensee of a Sublicensee as permitted pursuant to Section 2.9.1.
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