Example Definitions of "Sublicensee"
Sublicensee. Shall mean a Third Party to which Imprimis has granted a (sub)license under Acquired IP Rights.
Sublicensee. Any person or entity, including testing facilities and labs or other individuals or entities, which are licensed pursuant to this Agreement by LICENSEE with rights to the LICENSED TECHNOLOGY to market to END USERS PRODUCTS and/or services based upon LICENSED TECHNOLOGY which are developed, enhanced, improved or implemented by said person or entity.
Sublicensee. Any sublicensee of rights granted to Buyer in accordance with Section 2 to manufacture, use, import, sell or otherwise exploit the Vehicular and Stationary DF Systems
Sublicensee. The term "Sublicensee" shall mean any Third Party to whom Licensee or its Affiliate grants a sublicense with respect to the rights conferred upon Licensee under this Agreement, as permitted by Section 2.2 and any and all further Third Party sublicensees under Section 2.2.
Sublicensee. Means any non-Affiliate person or business entity to which Licensee has granted a sublicense of the rights granted to Licensee under Article 2.
Sublicensee. Any Third Party or Company Affiliate to which Company has granted a Sublicense.
Sublicensee. A Third Party to whom the Company grants a license to access, use and/or distribute in any way any of the Clinical Data.
Sublicensee. Any person, company, or other entity granted a Sublicense. A distributor who purchases a Licensed Product directly or indirectly from a Licensed Entity and does not need a license under the Licensed Patents or Technical Information to resell such Licensed Product is not a Sublicensee. For clarity, such purchase by such non-Sublicensee distributor from a Licensed Entity shall constitute a sale subject to Section 3.B to the extent consistent with Section 3.B.
Sublicensee. The term "Sublicensee" shall mean any Third Party to whom Licensee grants a sublicense with respect to [***] under this Agreement, as contemplated by Section 2.2. The term "Sublicensee" shall also include any and all further Third Party Sublicensees that may be permitted under Section 2.2.
Sublicensee. Any third party to whom Company has granted a sublicense under the licenses granted to it pursuant to Section 2(a) (through one or more tiers). For clarity, any third parties to whom a Sublicensee has granted a sublicense under the sublicense granted to it by the Company or another Sublicensee shall be considered a "Sublicensee" hereunder. Additionally, (a) an Affiliate of Company or a Designee exercising rights hereunder, (b) any acquirer of, or successor to, Company in connection with a... Change of Control or (c) any assignee of this Agreement by Company upon an assignment of this Agreement by Company in accordance with Section 18, in each case ((a)-(c)), shall not be considered a Sublicensee; provided that, with respect to the foregoing (b) and (c), Company does not otherwise grant a sublicense to such entity. View More
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